PTI's current struggle and possible ways forward

PTI's Current Struggle

The country is now on the brink of revolution, but it will not happen to be part of the current system; PTI should realize this after the years of experience of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Center, and Punjab governments۔ 
Imran Khan's aggressive response after the fall of his government and the successive events of the last several months has made it very clear that the biggest obstacle to such a revolution is not the politicians but The Establishment !! 
Now there are two ways forward from here... 
Either IK stays within the current system and gets power again, which no doubt requires compromises.
If Khan adopts this, which would mean that even after nine years of government experience, he has not learned anything.  
On the other hand, the political history of Pakistan tells that no party so far has been able to come into power or maintain it by clashing with the establishment۔

So adopting the first option and taking an extreme position in the case against a serving general is a huge mistake۔
Considering that the existing political lot and civil governments still need to be stronger to take such a big step, it also puts PTI provincial governments to the test. 
PTI's current protest policy of blocking roads is also inappropriate and will backfire in the short and long run.
If this was wrong by the time of TLP and JUI, it is still not right now by any other party!!
This has also singled out PTI's 26-year-long peaceful protest identity. 

Many more such violent protests and insistence on a trial against a serving general have allowed the PDM government to impose Governor's rule in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. In such a case, more bad days will begin for PTI.
So, if PTI struggles within this system, it will have to withdraw from its extreme position sooner or later.
The 2nd way forward for Imran Khan is to get out and overthrow the system With the support of people who are already standing with him۔
Indeed, this is difficult and requires a lot of sacrifices.
For that, the first step is to kick the current electoral and political system and start a revolutionary struggle۔  

Along with the popular support, all the like-minded parties and personalities have to be united as a result of a wider political unity, a public protest has to be started, the end of which might be an organized revolution. 
So PTI should decide whether to stay within the current or crash the system!!


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